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The Bible tells us that the harvest is ripe, but the workers are few. In other words; there is an abundant “crop” of people that are ready to make Jesus their Lord, but there isn’t enough willing or equipped workers to make that a reality. We as Christians, leaders included, are stuck in some area that is preventing us from moving forward in authentic freedom. People often find themselves paralyzed or ill equipped to live out the calling on their life.


We at Purely His feel compelled to raise up mentors from within the harvest and equip those currently mentoring with effective tools. We have mentoring groups for the purpose of guiding people to go “ALL in” with Jesus and “Get Unstuck” from anything in the way of that. The group atmosphere will provide encouragement, accountability, connection, and teaching.


The mentors are encouraged to drop their mask and in so doing, the mentees will drop theirs. The group members are mentored and raised up, so that they can in turn, mentor another. We are making disciples that make disciples that make disciples…



- Karrie

Southern Oregon Group Leader

I was introduced to the Purely His ministry at a community gathering. I had been hurt while serving in leadership through church eight years prior. I quietly drifted away from church and God as a result. I had been avoiding getting involved in any church group; for fear that the Lord will call me back into ministry.


After much prayer, I decided to take a leap of faith and walk through this fire of healing. It would require me going all in with Jesus, dropping my mask, keeping it real and walking out the 5 steps of this ministry. Realizing I was stuck in a place of un-forgiveness with the church, I was able to walk through true forgiveness.


After years of silence and being heavily burdened with this load…I can truly say that I unhooked that whole mess and handed it over to God and now walk in freedom.  What a blessing this ministry has been to me. It continues to stretch and grow me into the woman of God that He intended me to be. I have to say that my greatest fear of being called back into ministry came to pass and now I’m proud to say that I am a Mentoring Group leader for Purely His and loving it!

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